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Scout gear - regular meetings

Scout motto: BE PREPARED

Scouting is a game to be played outdoors!!! And we do, almost every meeting!!! Winter, spring, summer, and fall. It is important to show up to every meeting properly geared up for whatever the weather and the woods can throw at you.


Around your neck, in your pockets, and in a small daypack you should arrive with the following at every meeting:

compass - orienteering style
led headlamp + extra set of batteries
pocket knife - locking, maximum 3" blade
azimuth handbook
small note pad
$2 dues
water bottle (full!)
snack (granola bar or?)
extra pair of warm socks
lightweight toque
lightweight gloves
rain shell and pants
bug spray (seasonal)

****tip: keep everything packed in a spare daypack that stays ready to go - then you dont have to hunt for everything every week :-)

It is difficult to be in the game and have fun when you are cold, wet, and miserable. Please show up to every meeting dressed to stay comfortable for 2 hrs outside. Some notes on clothing:

Footwear: Count on shoes getting wet and muddy on a regular basis. Ideally have a pair of lightweight hikers - something that you can comfortably walk and run around in. Wool or thermal synthetic socks help keep wet feet warmer.

Jacket/Sweater: It cools off once the sun goes down! Make sure you have something along.

Rain gear: make sure you have some! A lightweight shell and pants roll up small and fit in the bottom of your daypack - then you always have it along for the unexpected downpour ....

Head and hands: always have pair of lightweight gloves and a lightweight toque in your daypack.

*****Winter Clothing *******

We are outside all winter as well. Please arrive in appropriate clothing to stay warm and toasty for 2 hrs outside. Winter jacket, snowpants, toque, neckwarmer/face protection, good warm gloves, warm boots.
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