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素材辞典 Vol.4 〈炎・火花・水編〉

Golden Match Challenge

Goal: Bring 1 cup of water to a rolling boil within 30 minutes, using only natural materials, and only ONE match.

All requirements for this challenge must be met to qualify for the Golden Match Award. You are bound by your scout honor to abide by the following rules and regulations.


This is a solo task only. No assistance or advice of any kind may be given for this challenge.

This challenge may be performed at a camp or similar outdoor setting. There is no limit to how many attempts you have at this challenge, though only one attempt may be made per camp or outdoor setting.

You must have an approved method ready for extinguishing the fire.

Your fire must be completely constructed from only natural fuel sources that are gathered in the environment around you.

Any water spillage from the can will end your attempt.

Equipment and supplies: you are allowed only the following

- one Redbird strike anywhere match (and box striker if desired, you may not burn the striker)

- one blast match or magnesium striker (if attempting the "Blast Match Bonus")

- one small soup or vegetable can with wire handle/bale (max 600ml)

- 250ml cold water

- 2-3 drops dish soap

- necessary supplies and equipment to extinguish your fire (to be used for that purpose only)

Obtain permission from your Scout leader or PL to undertake the Golden Match Challenge. 

Arrange an overseer/timer for your challenge attempt (must be a holder of the Golden Match Award)

You may prepare your can with a wire handle/bale if desired

You may scout the surrounding area for desireable fire building supplies

You may NOT pre-gather stashes of materials for use in the challenge

Overseer will fill can with 250ml of cold water and add 2-3 drops of dish soap

You must have an approved method for extinguishing the fire
Environmental Requirements:

Your fire must be built in an approved/existing camp fire location (fire pit) or meet leave-no-trace requirements

Do not remove bark or break branches off of live trees.

Time Requirements:

Within 30 minutes you must gather all tinder, kindling, and fuel

Prepare and light your fire

Bring the tin of water to a full boil (indicated when the soapy water foams up and overflows)
Fire Lighting

You have one match only to light your fire

You may NOT reuse embers from another campfire

You may NOT use any non-natural material to preserve the flame (candles)

You may not use any fire-starters other then naturally occurring materials you have gathered from your immediate surroundings

"Blast Match Bonus" - if desired, with a blast match or magnesium striker you may declare loudly "Blast Match Bonus" and attempt to light the fire with only ONE stroke of the striker. If you are successful you will receive a 2 minute bonus off your time. If unsuccessful, proceed with a one match light with no penalty.

Once the fire is lit, it cannot be left unattended. (eg - you can not go and get more wood)

Clean Up

Fire area must be cleaned up to leave-no-trace standards within 30 minute of completion of the challenge without reminders from leaders or the timer
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