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About Us

Scouting is much more than just camping, smores, and knots - it's a way of life! 

Scouting is a youth movement based on the acquisition of strong values, such as solidarity, mutual aid and respect. Its aim is to help young individuals form their character and build their personality; while contributing to their physical, mental and spiritual development so they become active and productive citizens and leaders in society. To reach this objective, scouting relies on hands-on activities in nature and also on activities designed for intellectual learning. Our basic principal relies on the Scout Law and Promise.
The Adventurers Association of Baden-Powell uses training programs which are both progressive and adapted to the psychological development of the four age groups (Amiks 7-8 years old, Timberwolves 9-11 years old, Explorers 12-16 years old, Wayfarers 17 years old and older). Programs are co-ed except at the Explorers age group where the genders are split. At 8th West Island, we are currently running a boy's Explorer unit. If you have interest in the other programs please Contact Us - they will be brought online as interest allows.

Our traditional scouting Explorer program is unique in both gender and age grouping. Inclusive of ages 12-16, the opportunities for growth in this five-year program are tremendous. Working within the "youth leading youth" model, the senior patrol has time to shine. Their knowledge, skill sets, and maturity come together; and these older youth become great role models, mentors, and leaders within their patrols.
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